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liriklagu.com Blog http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly Weekly update on Koleksi Imnogman & Koleksi Lirik Lagu Melayu Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:01:13 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.0 en Urgent Request - Lirik Lagu Tradisional Melayu http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/20/urgent-request-lirik-lagu-tradisional-melayu/ http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/20/urgent-request-lirik-lagu-tradisional-melayu/#comments Sun, 20 Jul 2008 07:34:28 +0000 Imnogman Lirik Lagu http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/20/urgent-request-lirik-lagu-tradisional-melayu/ Someone made an urgent request and in need for a collection of traditional malay song lyrics. To all of you out there who have been the followers and users of these collections and have been benefitting from its existence (huhu) please show your kindness and give some supports.

Here are the list of song lyrics requested:

1) Dikir Barat Merah Inai Di Jari (Lagu Tradisional Kelantan)
2) Ayam Didik (Lagu Trandisional Kedah)
3) Dondang Sayang Mambo (Lagu Tradisional Melaka)
4) Hari Ribut (Lagu Tradisional Johor)
5) Wau Bulan (Lagu Tradisional Kelantan)
6) Joget Pahang (Lagu Tradisional Pahang)
7) Kain Songket (Lagu Tradisional Terengganu)
8) Hadrah Sindran Bulan (Lagu Tradisional Perlis)
9) Zapin Naam Sidi (Lagu Tradisional Johor)
10) Embun Sok Sek (Lagu Tradisional Terengganu)
11) Joget Terengganu (Lagu Tradisional Terengganu)
12) Puteri Santubong (Lagu Tradisional Sarawak)
13) Walinung Sari (Lagu Tradisional Pahang)
14) Zapin Ya Salam (Lagu Tradisional Johor)
15) Ala Canggong (Lagu Tradisional Perlis)
16) Dabus (Lagu Tradisional Perak)
17) Zapin Yaladan (Lagu Tradisional Johor)
18) Jambatan Tamparuli (Lagu Tradisional Sabah)

Some might already be in this collection.

Thank you for your support and contribution.


My Friendster… http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/my-friendster/ http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/my-friendster/#comments Fri, 18 Jul 2008 04:28:39 +0000 Imnogman General http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/my-friendster/ I have been on friendster lately just to keep me updated with the new way of communicating and interfacing in cyberworld. Friendster is one of the simplest way of having everything on The Net using a very simple but comprehensive tools. Just by having yourself registered, u will have everything from mail, own webpage, chat, blog, searching for a long lost friend, etc..

There are many other sites similar to that. But, be careful not to have your Yahoo or Hotmail password used when registering with these sites. Remember, these sites might be a trojan horse, or some kind of hacker’s Phishing/Pharming technique to get your personal information.

But dont worry too much. In life, we can risk a little. Who knows, we would probably have been in an adventure of a lifetime.

Second Time… Sh..t!!! http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/second-time-sht/ http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/second-time-sht/#comments Fri, 18 Jul 2008 04:04:55 +0000 Imnogman Sports & Leisure http://www.liriklagu.com/weekly/2008/07/18/second-time-sht/ For the second time in as many months, there is a break-in into my car. What’s missing. Sh.t… my two precious Butterfly Iolite table tennis rackets and some other valuables.

So, last weekend i bougth a new Butterfly Iolite racket (RM230.00) and two pieces of rubber (racket covering) Donic Coppa Jo Gold max for RM220 (RM110 a piece). So much for the love of the game huh.

There is two places you have to think twice before leaving your car at the basement - Damansara Town Centre & Endah Parade. There is a notice/reminder not to leave your valuable like cellular phones and Notebooks in a car. I think they know these will happened. But they dont put enough security measure.

To be fare to others, there are few places i found it quit save to park - Time Square, Mid Valley & New Bangsar Village.

An excerpt from my Friendster Blog - July 10, 2008.