Keep On Movin'

I woke up today with this feeling
That better things are coming my way
And if the sun shine has a meaning
Telling me not to let things get in my way

When rainy days are dying
Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (Ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in nonstop
Till the break of dawnin'
Keep movin' don't stop rocking (Ahh ahh ahh)

( Chorus )
Get on up, when you're down
Baby take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's ok
Keep on moving on anyway

Feels like I should be screaming
Trying to get it through to my friends
Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning
But I know things will be alright in the end

( Chorus 2X )

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