( verse 1 )
You better stop, you better run away
You better listen what I have to say
I'll keep you hanging on the line
With just one kiss I'll blow your mind

( bridge1 )
Your desperation makes me feel insane
Fever running high ypu will never be the same

( chorus 1 )
Don't you treat me bad
Don't you make me sad
Our love could be deep as the ocean
If you can't be true
I got news for you
Just remember I can be poison...
( I can be poison... )

( verse 2 )
Some people say that I'm hard to tame
They know that trouble is my middle name
Too dangerous what you want from me
The chemistry in my body

( bridge 2 )
I 've got you scared and now you're running blind
Don't make me mad cause you know I won't be kind oh so kind

( repeat chorus )

Spoken Bit
Don't give me empty reason
Cause I don't want no lies
Don't think you can deceive
This poison deep inside

( repeat chorus )

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