Apple Green

Crying Softly

She sits alone now
Pondering her fate (Oh.. Oh...)
Life's can be unfair
It gives and takes away
The baby starts to cry
She keeps on asking why ?
Her tears are already dry
She keeps on asking why ?

Why must there be war ?
People fighting and killing
So much is destroyed
So much taken away
There are people dying
Many more crying
Why so much destruction ?
We need salvation

He left the home one day
To serve his country
Loyalty and love
With lots of courage
He promises to come back
Says don't be afraid (Now don't you)
Little does he know
There ain't no turning back

She still sits alone
waitting for him
She now it's the end
He's not coming back
The train slowly passes
He doesn't get down
She slowly walk away
Softly crying

Sumbangan Hunter Adam

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